Travel Yamhill Valley mentions Atticus Hotel

The new boutique hotel coming to McMinnville is going for a local look. On January 27, Odd Fellows Building (OFB) LLC announced its plans to break ground in May 2017 for the Atticus Hotel, an “Oregon-inspired” luxury hotel that will be located in downtown McMinnville.

Officially opening in Spring 2018, the 36-room boutique hotel will be located on the corner of NE Fourth and NE Ford Streets, putting it in easy walking distance of eighteen downtown wineries and tasting rooms as well as restaurants, theaters and shops along the historic Third Street stretch.

“It’s our hope that the building will look as if it’s always been a part of downtown McMinnville,” said OFB co-owner and McMinnville native Erin Stephenson in a press release, “We want guests to feel like a part of our community, rather than just casual observers passing through.”

To achieve this aim, OFB hired architect Nathan Cooprider to design the hotel. Cooprider also grew up in McMinnville and recently designed the KAOS building downtown, which houses The Barberry restaurant and the Oregon Wine Village tasting room. Familiar with the McMinnville aesthetic, Cooprider designed the four-story Atticus Hotel to complement other nearby historic buildings, many of which were built in the early 1900’s.

“Nathan has a history of working closely with the City of McMinnville to ensure the finished designs blend seamlessly into city scenery,” Stephenson said. “His local roots and impressive resume working for some of Portland’s largest architectural firms make him a perfect fit for the Atticus.”

Stephenson and Brian Shea are co-owners of Live McMinnville, the hospitality operation that manages 3rd Street Flats, a group of renovated vacation rental apartments that launched downtown in 2011. While the Willamette Valley is known for bed-and-breakfast lodging and winery daytrips, luxury hotels like Newberg’s The Allison Inn and Spa and The Atticus offer options for a wine country experience without needing a car.

The Atticus Hotel will comprise studio and one-bedroom suites from $300 per night as well as a two-bedroom penthouse. Amenities will include a conference room, exercise facility and a restaurant and bar. The business is estimated to produce fifty new jobs in McMinnville and aims to work closely with the community to offer local products and services at the hotel.

What’s in the name? Though there’s no direct hometown connection (or ties to the nearby Atticus Winery in Yamhill) Stephenson said the name simply matched McMinnville’s values.

“The hotel’s name is not a specific McMinnville reference, but it does capture for us all the same feelings that McMinnville conjures,” she said. “We ultimately selected this name because Atticus invokes the sentiment of familiarity, and feels like all the best parts of a small town.”