The Atticus Hotel family believes in the importance of building stronger communities through charitable giving, and we’re excited to be able to partner with non-profit organizations to support their work.

Each year we donate over 100 nights to local organizations, helping raise much-needed funds for children & families, housing, education, the arts, and the environment.

Donation Requests

In 2023 we have pledged to donate another 100 nights to organizations making meaningful and measurable impacts in their communities. To request a donation please fill out and submit the request form.

Our Charitable Giving Committee is staff-driven, and meets once a month to consider requests. If your request is granted, you will be informed of the donation within four weeks of your submission.

Additional Requests

While we wish we could fund ALL donation requests we receive, we do receive far more than we are able to grant. If we aren’t able to work with you this year, please feel free to re-submit the following year. We’re always happy to support the organizations that provide the services that keep our communities healthy and vibrant.

Special note on Parent Teacher Organizations/Associations:
While our giving priorities include many different areas of emphasis, at this time we are ONLY funding requests from Parent Teacher Organizations within Yamhill County. We would love to support PTO/PTA’s from schools across Oregon, but due to the huge volume of requests we receive from these organizations we can not meet the demand. 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us, and best of luck with your efforts on behalf of your organization and the community you serve!