A Celebration of our local bounty

“Red Hills Kitchen presents delicious food and drink without attitude, in a manner of service with passion. We strive to maintain the warm, welcoming Red Hills Market vibe with some new twists.”

– chef and owner Jody Kropf

Red Hills Kitchen at Atticus Hotel • McMinnville, Oregon
thur – mon | 8 am – 1:30 pm

thur – sun | 4 – 10 pm

530 NE 4TH Street
McMinnville, Oregon


The Dining Experience

Red Hills Kitchen is an Oregon-style restaurant spinning the best elements of Chef Jody Kropf’s iconic Red Hills Market into a new iteration with an extended menu and a heavier focus on a seated dining experience with table service. The Pantry at RHK is a small, locally-focused, carefully procured grab-n-go/retail section in addition to the restaurant.

The bar features hand-crafted cocktails, serving drinks, and small plates available in the Atticus Hotel lobby and hotel’s hidden drawing room. If you’d like RHK to go, we’re happy to send it up room service for hotel guests.

An Extended Menu

The menu is live-fire based with a continual focus on being local, fresh, and seasonal. Included are a few of the highly popular items from the Red Hills Market menu. There are also a delectable variety of new dishes ranging from light to decadent.

The menu showcases a variety of options for gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, seafood and meat lovers alike. Fresh mini doughnuts are available for breakfast and drinking hours. Other highlights include wood-fired shellfish, tasty raw foods and a selection of shareable small plates and platters.

A Focused Wine Program

The Red Hills Kitchen wine program is focused on the bounty of Oregon with help and guidance from the best sources available: Willamette Valley winemakers. Our current wine list is powered by suggestions from Cody Wright of Purple Hands Winery. Every season features a new wine list mentor from the winemakers of Oregon.