by Erin Stephenson

There are many different ways to travel, and many different roles we play in our own adventures. Sometimes we play the more passive part of the audience, simply absorbing what’s before us, and other times we play the part of the protagonist, actively engaged in experiencing something new. As a traveler I tend towards the latter, always seeking out experiences that fully engage my senses and help me have a deeper understanding of the place I’m visiting.

Bonafide Bounty

Summer travel in the Willamette Valley offers an endless array of ways to experience our region, but few opportunities can compare to the lineup at this weekend’s Bounty of Yamhill County (BOYC). A three-day festival of food and wine adventures, Bounty of Yamhill County is experiential travel at its best. Sharing our passion at the Atticus Hotel for celebrating all things local, the team at BOYC pairs local farmers, chefs, and winemakers together with natural resources and off-road adventures by land, water, and sky. This weekend guests will be hiking through olive groves, floating in hot air balloons over vineyards, kayaking the Willamette River Water Trail, riding horses through Oregon wine country—and enjoying meals at each event that showcase our local talent and agricultural abundance.

Sharing the Riches

The culmination of a weekend of outdoor and culinary adventure is BOYC’s signature Big Night event on Sunday evening at Sokol Blosser Winery. Here, guests enjoy a walk-around experience with creations from 25 teams of paired farmers and chefs. It is one of our favorite events of the year and the Atticus Hotel team will be there shoulder to shoulder with travelers from around the country, indulging our own urge to enjoy every experience our community has to offer. We love the chance to enjoy all the creative collaborations on offer ourselves and to be able to share that experience with others.

There’s no doubt by this time next year, our guests at the Atticus Hotel will be arriving just in time for their own long weekend of culinary adventures at BOYC, and that each and every one will return home with a smile on their face and a deeper understanding of the true bounty of our beautiful little county.

Mingling at Bounty of the County in Yamhill County, Oregon
Bites at Bounty of the County in Yamhill County, Oregon
Bites at Bounty of the County in Yamhill County, Oregon
Bites at Bounty of the County in Yamhill County, Oregon