By Erin Stephenson

Sometimes you just have to pause to celebrate for a minute, and for the team behind the Atticus Hotel, today marks one of those moments. For the last two+ years we’ve been working full time on this project, and we’ve kept our sights trained on three major milestones: securing financing; breaking ground; and opening the hotel. Someone cue Kool & the Gang, because this morning we hit our second major milestone when our general contractor, R&H Construction, officially broke ground on the Atticus Hotel. I’m not sure exactly how many meetings/excel spreadsheets/drafts of plans/cups of coffee/moments of laughter or frustration/emails/agendas or total hours of work it’s taken to get us here, but I do know that every person on our team has committed themselves fully to this project and has given 110% to making it a success. I wish we had time to slow down and celebrate this occasion properly, but at the moment there’s no time to let the grass grow under our feet.

For the next ten months the corner of Fourth and Ford is going to be a hive of activity. R&H has an aggressive construction schedule that will see the foundation of the Atticus Hotel poured by the end of the first week in June, and the ground level framed by the first week in July. By the end of September we should have the roof on, just in time to move work indoors for the soggy months. We’ll be taking a picture of the construction progress each week from the same perspective, so stay tuned in to our Facebook feed for a look at how things are coming along.

In the mean time, put June 9th in your calendar as the date for the official Atticus Hotel kick off party. We’re busily planning a Foundation Celebration, and have lots of fun things in store. Until then, keep up with our progress through our social media accounts. We’ve got lots of excitement to share!

Atticus Hotel groundbreaking as viewed from McMenamin's Hotel Oregon on May 15, 2017.
Erin Stephenson, Jeb Bladine, Brian Shea and Rob Stephenson at the Atticus Hotel groundbreaking May 15, 2017.