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By Jon Bel–Staff Reporter, Portland Business Journal
Jan 12, 2018, 12:14am


Portland Business Journal's 5 Things to Know

Today’s 5 Things comes a little earlier than normal, as Business Journal editor, Suzanne Stevens, and I are attending the annual 2018 forecast breakfast this morning. No doubt you’ll be able to read a recap later. Until then, here are five things for the morning as we head into a long weekend.

#4…Restaurant revamp
It was to be called Third n Tasty. Instead, the new restaurant planned by Drew Sprouse and John Gorham for the forthcoming Atticus Hotel in McMinnville this spring will be christened Bless Your Heart Burgers. A release about the change notes that the new eatery, when it opens in May, will feature “classic Americana cheeseburgers and fries with flavors to take you back to your childhood.” The BYH menu in the Atticus will include all of the favorites from the original BYH Burgers location in the Pine Street Market and be expanded to include biscuits from Tasty n Sons and Tasty n Alder, pancakes, granola, soft serve ice cream, sandwiches, and a signature BYH radicchio salad.