Meet John & Renee Gorham: Third n Tasty

by Erin Stephenson

It’s so important in life to understand what you know, but far more important still to understand what you do not.

When we first starting dreaming about the Atticus Hotel in earnest, the vision of a meaningful and creative luxury hotel always included an unforgettable restaurant and bar. In the hazy mist of dream and imagination this restaurant was a part of the heart and soul of the hotel—a vibrant place, serving unforgettable food & drinks, where guests mixed […]

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Hello, my name is _________________ .

by Erin Stephenson

Over the past several months we’ve been using our Journal entries to share information with our community about what’s happening inside the creation of the Atticus Hotel. Our posts are always in one of three categories:

  • the build (updates on construction and project developments);
  • McMinnville (notes about our hometown);
  • and the team (introducing the people behind the scenes who are making this wine country hotel happen).

Up until now our ‘team’ journal entries have been focused on the folks […]

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Building on a Solid Foundation

by Erin Stephenson

So many important elements lie just below the surface. Over the past six weeks, we’ve watched the Atticus Hotel construction site take on a life of its own, developing a carefully calibrated daily rhythm as McMinnville’s newest hotel starts to take shape before our eyes. Watching the site from afar we have witnessed holes being dug, filled and then seemingly dug all over again, as utilities are buried and the site is compacted to prepare for the […]

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Meet Christina: Team Atticus Hotel

By Erin Stephenson

The Chief Translator of Our Brand

Some relationships are truly symbiotic. Over the course of the Atticus Hotel project, I’ve witnessed the incredible interconnectivity between architect and interior designer, and the way in which the two must articulate a shared vision—one that each interprets through their own form of expression. Together they must see something that does not exist, yet have the same image burned on the inside of their eyelids. It’s a beautiful process to behold.

Prior to […]

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Connecting McMinnville’s Downtown Districts

by Erin Stephenson

Yesterday the lights turned on. Not at the Atticus Hotel of course—we’re still many months away from that milestone—but just a block away at the new traffic signals on 5th Street, where transportation bond dollars have funded the redevelopment of McMinnville’s road infrastructure, making it easier for locals and visitors to navigate downtown McMinnville by car, foot or bike. The redevelopment of 5th Street is an important part of the city’s overall plan to link downtown McMinnville […]

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Reaching the Second Milestone : Atticus Hotel

By Erin Stephenson

Sometimes you just have to pause to celebrate for a minute, and for the team behind the Atticus Hotel, today marks one of those moments. For the last two+ years we’ve been working full time on this project, and we’ve kept our sights trained on three major milestones: securing financing; breaking ground; and opening the hotel. Someone cue Kool & the Gang, because this morning we hit our second major milestone when our general contractor, R&H […]

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McMinnville Hotels: The Next Chapter

By Erin Stephenson

There is a running joke within our project that the Atticus Hotel has been planned from the corner booth downstairs at McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon, which happens to be one of my favorite places. “My booth” is all the way in the back on the Third Street side of the restaurant with a view of the Mack Theater. I’ve been coming here several times a week for the last year and a half, seeking quiet time and some […]

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Meet Nathan: Team Atticus Hotel

By Erin Stephenson

Over a year and a half ago I attended an awards ceremony to watch Historic Downtown McMinnville’s Third Street be named as one of the Top 5 Great Streets in America by the American Planning Association. It was wonderful to watch our beautiful little town receive top nationwide recognition, and the council chambers at the Kent Taylor Civic Center were packed with well wishers and smiling McMinnvillians of all stripes. After the ceremony was over Cassie […]

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A David In A World of Goliaths: Atticus Hotel

By Erin Stephenson

Our small but mighty Atticus Hotel team has been in rapid fire mode in a mad dash to meet our milestone to break ground on the project in May. As a small independently owned and operated hotel, the Atticus is a David in world of Goliaths. It turns out that there aren’t a lot of local developers or business people taking on these types of projects because, quite frankly, it’s a pretty big hill to climb. The […]

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