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Our Concentric Approach to Sourcing Locally

by Erin Stephenson

Milestones come in all shapes and sizes, and yesterday marked an exciting victory for our interiors team. The Atticus Hotel chair was born.

And better yet, it’s being manufactured for us just down the road in Tigard. One of our guiding values throughout the creation of the Atticus Hotel has been our concentric approach to sourcing products and vendors locally. We start by trying to meet our needs with a McMinnville based product or company, and then we extend our circle outward to Yamhill County, the state of Oregon and finally the rest of the country.

I wish I could tell you that every material or product in the hotel was (at a bare minimum) made in the USA, but despite our best efforts, that wouldn’t be true. What I can tell you is that our team has gone to great lengths to work with local vendors and Oregon based brands and we’re proud of the ways in which we’ve expanded our own horizons about what really can be sourced within our state. From light fixtures to wallpaper […]

By | November 16th, 2017|The Build|

Girls, this one’s for you!

by Erin Stephenson

The process of creating something from nothing can be a heady experience—one driven by the act of considering all the possibilities of what could be, in a world very grounded by what is.

In the world of what could be, anything is possible. Our Atticus Hotel team approached the creative process behind the hotel by trying to conjure in our minds an experience of pure magic, where guests would feel both surprise and delight as they discovered the secrets of the hotel, and developed a deeper connection to our community through the process. Ideas were pitched, explored, and often discarded. The best ones stayed of course, but our project has a graveyard littered with great ideas that were either not consistent with our overall vision or not feasible due to some other constraint.

In the world of what is, we mine what we have learned from our guests at 3rd Street Flats over the past seven years. One of the things we have discovered is that McMinnville and the broader […]

By | November 2nd, 2017|The Build|

Meet Ben Perle: Partner & General Manager

by Erin Stephenson

Monday was the first day of the rest of our lives, or at least that’s how my partner Brian and I were describing it.

Seven years ago I started a boutique lodging company called 3rd Street Flats, which began with the renovation of the Historic McMinnville Bank building and introduced a new style of lodging in our community. Very quickly the business took off, and I recognized that I needed a partner to help me manage and grow the business, which is where Brian enters the story. For the last six years, the two of us have co-captained our ship, working with a great team to grow 3rd Street Flats to a second location in downtown McMinnville, and currently chasing our biggest dream—to open a luxury lifestyle hotel in Historic Downtown McMinnville—with the Atticus Hotel.

As our business grows, our company continues to evolve as well, and we’re incredibly excited to introduce our new Partner and General Manager, Ben Perle, who officially joined us this week. Ben is a long time friend and […]

By | October 20th, 2017|The Team|

Meeting the next milestone: the Halfway Point

by Erin Stephenson

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” As we reach our halfway point on the construction of the Atticus Hotel this week, I’m reminded that it has taken a lot of people ‘believing we can’ to get us to this point. With 21 weeks of construction in the rearview mirror—and 21 more weeks ahead of us—we have reached our next big project milestones, and it’s taken a tremendous amount of hard work from a team that never stops believing.

Construction Update

On the construction front, our project Superintendent Dave Hanken continues to lead this effort like a military general taking his troops to battle each day. The logistical challenges of keeping a construction project of this scope both on time and on budget are immense, but Dave continues to do just that. Spend a few minutes at the fence watching the crew from R&H Construction work and you will see plumbers & electricians moving in and out of the building and cranes delivering sheet rock through an open window overhead. […]

By | October 4th, 2017|The Build|

Experiential Travel at its Best

by Erin Stephenson

There are many different ways to travel, and many different roles we play in our own adventures. Sometimes we play the more passive part of the audience, simply absorbing what’s before us, and other times we play the part of the protagonist, actively engaged in experiencing something new. As a traveler I tend towards the latter, always seeking out experiences that fully engage my senses and help me have a deeper understanding of the place I’m visiting.

Bonafide Bounty

Summer travel in the Willamette Valley offers an endless array of ways to experience our region, but few opportunities can compare to the lineup at this weekend’s Bounty of Yamhill County (BOYC). A three-day festival of food and wine adventures, Bounty of Yamhill County is experiential travel at its best. Sharing our passion at the Atticus Hotel for celebrating all things local, the team at BOYC pairs local farmers, chefs, and winemakers together with natural resources and off-road adventures by land, water, and sky. This weekend guests will be hiking through olive groves, floating in hot air […]

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Hotel Spaces are Becoming Real

by Erin Stephenson

The Atticus Hotel is starting to feel like a virtual reality experience. For the past eighteen months, we’ve worked closely with our architect, Nathan Cooprider, pouring over schematic designs, which eventually entered the design development process and re-emerged as a complete set of construction plans. During that time we walked the hallways a thousand times on paper, opening doors and entering rooms in our minds, all the time imagining how a guest would experience every detail of the Atticus Hotel.

Now, after all that time watching a building take shape on paper, the plans have suddenly come to life before our eyes.

Form and Function

Three months into the construction of the Atticus Hotel and we are already leaving architectural renderings and imagined corridors behind. Lines on paper have become wood, as we tour a building that suddenly has both form and function. To date, two stories of the hotel have been completely framed, allowing us to walk through the lobby, take a spin through Third n Tasty (we sometimes pretend to order a drink at the not-yet-existent […]

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