by Erin Stephenson

The process of creating something from nothing can be a heady experience—one driven by the act of considering all the possibilities of what could be, in a world very grounded by what is.

In the world of what could be, anything is possible. Our Atticus Hotel team approached the creative process behind the hotel by trying to conjure in our minds an experience of pure magic, where guests would feel both surprise and delight as they discovered the secrets of the hotel, and developed a deeper connection to our community through the process. Ideas were pitched, explored, and often discarded. The best ones stayed of course, but our project has a graveyard littered with great ideas that were either not consistent with our overall vision or not feasible due to some other constraint.

In the world of what is, we mine what we have learned from our guests at 3rd Street Flats over the past seven years. One of the things we have discovered is that McMinnville and the broader Willamette Valley are a popular destination for weddings and groups—particularly for Girl’s Weekend getaways. It’s been so much fun to watch groups of women laughing together as they grab their keys and head up our stairs for a weekend of wine, food and time to be together. Sometimes these groups are a part of a bachelorette party or a bridal shower; other times they are college or high school friends staging a reunion; often they are moms excited for a weekend of grown-up time. But at the root of each of these experience is a desire to be together, to focus on connecting (or re-connecting) with one another, and an excitement to explore Oregon wine country.

The Magic of the Luxury Bunkhouse

In this instance when we took what is—a destination popular for group getaways—and we filtered it through our lens of what could be, the concept of a Luxury Bunkhouse started to emerge from the mist. We wanted to create a space that would foster late nights of laughing and drinking, but that would also give everyone a little bit of private space. To that end, we’ve designed a room meant for a party, with dramatic 18-foot ceilings, a beautiful fireplace surrounded by comfortable seating, and a wall of luxurious bunkbeds, each outfitted with its own light and cell phone charger.

We also added a king sized bed, a bar with a dual temperature controlled wine fridge, and six built-in cubbies to give each person a place to store their things. To make getting ready for an evening out together a little easier, we designed the bathroom to have two sinks and separate shower and toilet rooms, so that space could be used by multiple people simultaneously. Setting the stage for a grown-up time away, our Luxury Bunkhouse has been designed to have a smoky whiskey bar vibe with a distinctly Oregon twist, weaving in sexy plaid accents. It’s an atmosphere where groups of men (yes, we do host those too) can feel just as comfortable settling in for a weekend of time together as the ladies.

A Girl’s Weekend Getaway Giveaway!

This week, however, we’re celebrating all the women who have stayed with us over the years, and all we hope to host in the future, with our Girl’s Weekend Getaway. If you haven’t done so yet, check out @atticuhotel on Instagram, and look for our most recent post to participate in the contest. Simply add a comment that tags the five people you’d like to bring on a girl’s weekend getaway, have them follow our feed, and we’ll enter you to win two nights for six people in the Atticus Hotel Luxury Bunkhouse. We will be drawing the winner on November 8th, so make sure you enter right away. We don’t want to miss the chance to host you and your friends!

Rendering of Luxury Bunkhouse in Atticus Hotel
Rendering of Luxury Bunkhouse bedroom in Atticus Hotel