by Erin Stephenson

Over the past several months we’ve been using our Journal entries to share information with our community about what’s happening inside the creation of the Atticus Hotel. Our posts are always in one of three categories:

  • the build (updates on construction and project developments);
  • McMinnville (notes about our hometown);
  • and the team (introducing the people behind the scenes who are making this wine country hotel happen).

Up until now our ‘team’ journal entries have been focused on the folks who have shaped the Atticus Hotel to this point, but today’s entry is taking more of a fill-in-the-blank approach. Its focused not on who we have on board now, but who we need to bring into the AH family in the near future.

Last week we posted our first staff position at the Atticus Hotel when our General Manager posting went live. It’s exciting to finally start the hiring process, but also a bit daunting, knowing the right first hire for this position will set the stage for the success of the Atticus Hotel. We need to bring on a GM not only with experience managing a luxury hotel, but one who is ready to embrace a team that is always pushing the envelope, forever exploring new ways to approach an industry that’s been around for millennia. Our ideal GM is not just deeply experienced in hotel management, but also believes that luxury is more than just a high thread count and valet parking—it’s created by the intention behind every detail of an experience. True luxury is about thoughtfulness and the time and care it takes to get something just right.

Delivering an experience rather than just a product takes the right people. We need a GM who not only understands and embraces the Atticus Hotel brand, but who is also excited to create a corporate culture that attracts team members who want to share the best of Oregon wine country with our guests. With an official start date of September 15th, our GM will be on board for the final phases of the development of the Atticus Hotel.

In the next few months the GM will:

  • oversee the launch of our official website on October 1st (taking bookings for next year);
  • help lead the process of integrating the operations of our 3rd Street Flats brand into AH operations;
  • start developing many of our internal processes and procedures at the hotel;
  • recruit and hire the rest of our employees;
  • and, of course, lead the charge to launch the Atticus Hotel next spring.

In the best of all worlds, our GM will also be deeply passionate about McMinnville, the Willamette Valley as a whole, and the amazing food and wine scene that defines our community. Our hope is that our GM will love McMinnville as much as we do, and wake up every morning excited to share their passion with our guests.

The General Manager job description is available on our Atticus Hotel website. To apply please send a cover letter and resume to If you know someone you think would be a great fit to lead the Atticus Hotel, please send this information on to them.

If you are interested in other positions that will be available (AGM; Group Sales Manager; Housekeeping Manager; Maintenance Manager; concierge; valet; housekeeping; maintenance) please continue to check back on the career page of Atticus Hotel website.

We look forward to introducing our new General Manager to you in September!