by Erin Stephenson

Yesterday the lights turned on. Not at the Atticus Hotel of course—we’re still many months away from that milestone—but just a block away at the new traffic signals on 5th Street, where transportation bond dollars have funded the redevelopment of McMinnville’s road infrastructure, making it easier for locals and visitors to navigate downtown McMinnville by car, foot or bike. The redevelopment of 5th Street is an important part of the city’s overall plan to link downtown McMinnville with the Granary District, which (thanks to a mix of transportation bond and urban renewal dollars) will soon connect with a craft district currently under construction on Alpine Avenue. Once the first phase of infrastructure and development on Alpine are complete, McMinnville will have the framework for three distinct districts with strong appeal for locals and tourists alike: Historic Downtown McMinnville, with its long list of accolades for being one of the most charming main streets in America; the Granary District, home to many of McMinnville’s outstanding urban wineries; and now the Craft District, the future of which has yet to unfold.

While the City of McMinnville has been busy investing in infrastructure to meet today’s needs and position our community for success in the future, the edges of Historic Downtown McMinnville have been quietly expanded by local businesses, pushing in particular to the north towards the Granary District and Alpine Avenue. Fourth Street, home to the Atticus Hotel,  has seen major investment over the last several years, starting with 4 Elements Yoga setting roots near Evans Street six years ago.  Around the same time the Type A Press studio opened a block away in the Bennett building, making it hard for anyone to pass the shop windows without stopping to watch the historic letterpress at work. Across the street, Andrew Scott Construction recently renovated a tired old building and set up offices for their company, which focuses on winery and custom residence construction. A few doors down Bob Emrick made a substantial investment in the future of the neighborhood with the construction of the KAOS building, home to two restaurants and much needed downtown office space. Currently under construction at the end of 4th (from David Sanguinetti of the Bitter Monk) is Allegory Brewing, set to open mid-summer, and to feature a production facility, tasting room, and outdoor beer garden.

When the Atticus Hotel opens on the corner of 4th & Ford next spring, 4th Street will add a locally owned luxury boutique hotel to the mix. In addition to the hotel rooms & conference space, the Atticus Hotel will also be home to a new restaurant & bar, the details of which will be released later this summer. We’re excited to be a part of the revitalization of 4th Street and to give our guests the chance to explore McMinnville at the crossroads of three exciting districts. We know they will love the chance to explore Oregon’s Favorite Main Street, experience all the exciting businesses on 4th Street, or walk a block down to 5th and enjoy the Granary and Craft Districts. It’s an exciting time to be in McMinnville, and it just keeps getting better.

It’s an exciting time to be in McMinnville, and it just keeps getting better.